Indie Animation Mixtape: Side C

run time: 68Min | Streaming at

Discord watch party: 7pm, November 23

Each year, Quickdraw scours the globe for surprising, genre-bending, artistically adventurous independent animation to compile into our ongoing Indie Animation Mixtapes. For 2020, we found so many new favourites that there was no choice but to expand it into four full programs.


Side C of the mixtape is a perfect spotlight for the various ways animated films can tell a story. Some approach it head on. Some tackle it from the fringes, letting it play out on the sidelines. Warmth, humour, sadness and abstraction all come into play, each one bringing a singular, idiosyncratic perspective to its animated art.

Please note: Ticket purchases are restricted to Alberta residents. Many films at GIRAF deal with mature subjects, and are not recommended for young audiences.