The Natural World

run time: 69 Min | Streaming at

Discord watch party: 7pm, November 25

This has been a pretty unusual year in a lot of ways, but one that's been on our minds a lot lately is our relationship to the natural world. More and more people are spending the bulk of their time at home, whether from working remotely or even literal quarantine, which means experiencing more and more of the world through a screen. At the same time, it's creating a greater appreciation for the time we do spend outside, as increasingly infrequent as it may be.

The films in this collection all explore our relationship to nature, in one way or another. Some are more personal, more lighthearted, more narrative or experiential. A lot of them are wintry (what can we say, we're Canadian) but some explore dramatically different terrain. But even those are beautiful, in their own ways — a good thing to remember in the midst of an Alberta winter.

Please note: Ticket purchases are restricted to Alberta residents. Many films at GIRAF deal with mature subjects, and are not recommended for young audiences.


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