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Emulating the human touch in a digital world - Retour à Hairy Hill with Daniel Gies


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Join us at the Quickdraw studios for a conversation and Q&A session with animator Daniel Gies, art and technical director of E.D. Films, and creator of Retour à Hairy Hill, a heartwrenching film inspired by Gies' family history. 

Daniel Gies grew up in Alberta, on Treaty 7 land near Bragg Creek. He co-founded E.D. Films (with Emily Paige) in 2007. Since then, the studio has become a leader in gaming, animated film, VR, and immersive installations with projects screened around the world, including at Annecy, the Ottawa Animation Festival, and GLAS. 

Animators and fans can expect to get a look behind the curtain at Daniel's creative approach, and the groundbreaking digital 3D workflow made to resemble paper models that was used to create Retour à Hairy Hill. 

And make sure to catch our screening of Retour à Hairy Hill, part of our Northern Blend pack!

An accomplished animation filmmaker, Daniel Gies, learned everything he knows about computer animation and filmmaking through online tutorials and the generosity of mentors along the way. The self-taught artist was born and raised at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Canada, and he and his animation studio E.D. FILMS are currently based in Montreal, Quebec.


Over the two decades as an animator and art+tech director, Daniel has gained his reputation as a leader who pushes the limits of off-the-shelf animation software by using customized scripting, hybridization and creative programming in his projects. His invention and customization of various production tools have been distributed to creators working in animation, VR, video games and more, and these tools have been fully explored in his most recent animated short, Retour à Hairy Hill (2023).

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